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2016-12-21 18:59:32 by SketcherGG

I'm going to be more active at the forum (or at the community, if you want).

And well... my first animation will be a stick animation, but, unlike the others which got blammed, its going to have 2 or 3 minutes of animation. That will be my first seriously animation.

About the forum again, in the future, i'm going to do posts saying which type of animation do you guys want. Like this:

Which type of animation of animation do you guys want? (Stick-Style)

Lets see if that works xD

Well, its all guys!


2016-12-15 13:58:26 by SketcherGG

5746477_148182829041_Screenshot_1.png weee weee


2016-06-10 10:05:52 by SketcherGG

It makes time... MUCH TIME.

Since i sayed that i was working on a big animation i stopped going on newgrounds, like, i'm sick of doing this...        I don't wanna continue like this, i think i'm going to exit from this place, because... of things.

It makes time!

2016-04-12 21:54:52 by SketcherGG


i stopped working on the game and the animation. . .  Then i enjoyed the life FOR FUCKIN FOREVER. But now i know that i need to go back to the work and continue and this. But i've done a stupid animation with 2 scenes

(Like, with 4.s? well it will be blammed soo)

So i hope someone understand ¬-¬



2016-04-08 00:31:41 by SketcherGG

Everything was  going fine, but i've got  4 reviews banned dude!

I need to know more about newgrounds :(

Da Zombie (For XXXX1234 lol)

2016-04-01 22:03:06 by SketcherGG

Well duuude

He did a zombie invasion, so, why i'm not goin' to do it?5746477_145956255122_Yeploldud.png

Hope that u like it...

Forgot it xD

2016-03-31 20:01:03 by SketcherGG

Animation? where he is?

I forgoted to say that i'll stop with the animation, like, with 4 scenes (i'm using flash 8)... But don't worry! i'm working on a. . .

PIXEL GAME!!! Hope you guys like it dude!

Well its a bit hard to do it! but i can do it xD!

Btw, thanks to my 3 fans! xD

(how you guys see, i used that flixel tutorial to help me *at the medals* , because i am a newbie to ACTIONSCRIPT!)

I'll do it!

2016-03-24 19:00:26 by SketcherGG

Bro, i'm working hard on this new STICK Animation that i'm doing but i can say that it will be good! i just need a awnser to my question. . . I downloaded the song "Electrodynamix" (my favorite from geometry dash) and i would love if someone sayed to me. . . It have copyright?

Anyway, here is a image from my work



Good? i don't give a shit :D


5746477_145877921523_PRINTNESS.png woah i'm such a bastard

Yeah. . . i'll start with some madness animations, like, i'm doing a mini-madnes fan-made animation. . .

I'll send a image of the mini-animation. . .

hope you guys like it! (and girls e-e)

aww yeah i used some incident 110a backgrounds, and some other things, yeye

suck it e-e look to this image in the bar here vvv