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I'll do it!

2016-03-24 19:00:26 by SketcherGG

Bro, i'm working hard on this new STICK Animation that i'm doing but i can say that it will be good! i just need a awnser to my question. . . I downloaded the song "Electrodynamix" (my favorite from geometry dash) and i would love if someone sayed to me. . . It have copyright?

Anyway, here is a image from my work



Good? i don't give a shit :D


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2016-03-25 18:49:49

Good :)

SketcherGG responds:

Thanks dude!
(Ou melhor, valeu cara!)


2016-03-29 21:19:18

Umm, yeah...
my flash is bugged, so the animation will launch later...