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It makes time!

2016-04-12 21:54:52 by SketcherGG


i stopped working on the game and the animation. . .  Then i enjoyed the life FOR FUCKIN FOREVER. But now i know that i need to go back to the work and continue and this. But i've done a stupid animation with 2 scenes

(Like, with 4.s? well it will be blammed soo)

So i hope someone understand ¬-¬



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2016-04-15 11:01:03

You can do it! Just practice and polish and soon you'll get something through judgement! It does tkae a bit of time to make good things, even something under a minute can take days to detail.

SketcherGG responds:

Yeah. . .
i can waste 4 hours making 100 frames (my drawing power too xD)
Well i hope that i can do something big. . . (like 2 minutes? ahh)
Thanks for being one of the guys that put a comment here