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Forgot it xD

2016-03-31 20:01:03 by SketcherGG

Animation? where he is?

I forgoted to say that i'll stop with the animation, like, with 4 scenes (i'm using flash 8)... But don't worry! i'm working on a. . .

PIXEL GAME!!! Hope you guys like it dude!

Well its a bit hard to do it! but i can do it xD!

Btw, thanks to my 3 fans! xD

(how you guys see, i used that flixel tutorial to help me *at the medals* , because i am a newbie to ACTIONSCRIPT!)


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2016-04-01 14:38:12

Hope Your Game stays good ;3;

SketcherGG responds:

Thanks dude!
hey, can you show your friends my user?